The Purpose of Stress

The purpose of stress is to say, “Stop! Stop the madness, you’ve gone too far!”  Stop where you are and ask yourself what’s important to YOU; YOU right NOW!  Stop.  Regroup. Begin again, right where you are.  Don’t keep analyzing what’s just happened and stay stuck there.  It’s okay to tweek your plan for life – you’re not a failure for doing so.

Elizabeth Vierra Hall

Be Silent to Find You

Be the beauty that is already inside you – 100% you, without the opinions of others.  You will never discover that unless you go where there are no distractions.  Distance yourself from all the mundane, loud, routine that is your day.  Go to somewhere peaceful; whatever that means for you.  We need to find our peaceful place. Tune the world out, and just be silent.  Listen to your inside spirit. Once you get a taste of what can unfold in that moment, you will suddenly crave it more and more.  Bring with you some inspirational reading material.  Sometimes that can open us up while in our quiet place.  No expectations though.  Everything in it’s own timing will unfold and be made resent to you; in you.  The noises and distractions of our society today is what’s keeping us from discovering a whole other level of ourselves.

Elizabeth Vierra Hall

Me Does Not = Wrong; Examine Yourself


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Elizabeth Vierra Hall

Day to day we spend a certain amount of time analyzing others’ reactions towards us, taking it all in and trying to decide if maybe there is something we’ve done wrong and need to change about ourselves.  Some people worry about it more than others; some, not at all.  Some are never encouraged to be themselves and that it’s not always you that is wrong, but the other person’s denial of themselves and their inability to see the opportunity for growth.  Some are raised to feel that it is always “them” that is wrong because others know more than you ever possibly could.  Excuse me?  At what age do we stop the madness that is put on us by these “experts of life” and say,……

There is NOTHING wrong with me.  In fact, there is so much RIGHT  with me that it intimidates you.  It causes you to look at yourself and THAT makes you uncomfortable.  So uncomfortable that you can’t stand to be around the presence of it all. So, YOUR reaction to the person I am is a reflection of who YOU are, not something that I need to change in me.

Where you choose to go from there shows your level of maturity and whether or not you choose to grow or stay stuck.  Don’t put that on me.  Examine yourself.



Love is Freeing

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Elizabeth Vierra Hall

Real love doesn’t hold you back or keep you from being you.  It doesn’t mold you into them to comfort THEIR insecurities.  True love shares in your excitement of life and growth.  It wants to enjoy you and all  YOUR true spirit, not chip away at who you are so you can be like someone else.  A healthy love relationship will not wall you in.  It will not build bricks around your heart.  True love is a free spirit that delights in each other.

Tears of Growth

Clouds - tears

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Elizabeth Vierra Hall


With each life lesson learned – a correction of yourself, some tears may form and fall.  This, my dear is you shedding the old you.  The new is underneath all that.  With that said, be happy about those tears, for they are tears of new growth after they fall.  As you throw away the tissue that they leave you in, you, in turn, are shedding a piece of yourself that no longer serves you.  Be glad in that and be happy and hopeful that you are strong enough to acknowledge where you are and that you are doing your work.  Most people don’t think they need work.  We all need growth.  No one is perfect.

All my Best,






You ARE There


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Elizabeth Vierra Hall


With a new year approaching, many are reflecting on the their lives, what they’ve accomplished and what they’ve yet to achieve.  This thought process can lead to anxiety and feelings of failure.  We begin to take the negative trail to not being good enough or that we’re not “ready yet” or just “not there”.  Sometimes we tend to think that there has to be the perfect time to move forward,  but the thing is, that is not necessarily true.  Sure, things happen best in their right timing, but, instead of waiting, you can move forward with even the slightest step.  You really can.  Any step big or small is a move towards progress.  And even if that one step doesn’t quite turn out the way you wanted, or thought it would, it is indeed a step towards progress.  You see, if that one step didn’t turn out as planned, at least it pointed you in a different direction; possibly the better one.   So, it wasn’t time wasted after all.  In fact, if you look at it, it was a move towards showing you the path best/not so best for you; in that timing.

Changing our thought process is a daily practice, but instead of thinking that it’s just too much work or too difficult don’t look at it as an overwhelming feat.  Enjoy where you are, right now.  Enjoy the place where you are (even if it’s not exactly where you want to be at the time), enjoy the people you are with at the moment (don’t think forward – be in the “now” – you may not get this time back), and be grateful and loving towards the ones you are spending YOUR life’s moments with….right now.

You ARE “there”.  It’s all there in you, right now.  Open it up and be strong in it.  Stand on it – now.  Begin – now.  You can, in love (not hate),  move forward.  You don’t need to keep looking for correctiveness or approval.  TRUST YOURSELF.  Free yourself.  One step in “your time”.

May you have an enlightening and freeing Happy New Year! Cheers to personal growth.  You CAN do it!  🙂

All my Best,




Appreciation of the Heart – Where Has it Gone?


Pismo at Sunset

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Elizabeth Vierra Hall


Today’s world has destroyed humanity’s view of the pure & kindhearted, empathetic people of our time.  A person with a true, good and empathetic heart used to be admired, appreciated cherished and respected.  I don’t mean the one-time hero’s, the feel-good stories in the news or the average nice person.  I’m talking about the people who have that heart (and mind) that is mistakenly different than most. They have not just sympathy but empathy, empathy like no other.  You may not recognize them off the bat because they tend to be more on the quiet side, lost in the rat race that has become the norm in today’s society. They are most often looked at as ignorant of today’s world and not taken seriously as intelligent people – lacking knowledge of “reality”.  They are over-looked and basically moved out of the way; pushed aside as not having valid contributions to our social order.  How sad. The once admired is now replaced with ridicule which can lead to the paralyzation of the loving heart of ever wanting to put themselves “out there” again.

We’ve gone from a civilization of being mentored by the loving, empathetic heart to one of keeping our guard up to protect ourselves from our changing society.  We’ve turned our thoughts from valuing love and honor of good people to protecting ourselves, our rights; operating in defense mode.  And while there is nothing wrong with looking ahead and planning for safety, we cannot live our lives in a heightened sense of suspicion and panic. This type of thinking is fed by the constant negative thoughts, beliefs and fears brought on by others who are not centering themselves with a healthy balance of reality and common sense.

Our world now is so hell-bent on proving their points and opinions that they’ve not even considered the feelings of those around them; their support system.  What a shame.  I don’t understand how the good hearts can just be dismissed – thrown away – like that.  It’s as if we are a planet of robots – no heart, no love; just machines with a constant ax to grind; a fight to have, something to protest.

I believe wholeheartedly that every person on earth needs to get in touch with their heart, not to be confused with their mind and all the crazy rhetoric they are consuming as truth – modifying them even more into something they are not.  Stop that routine way of thinking!  What are they afraid of?  If you cannot allow your heart to feel the love and peace it was created for, then how can you give love to your families?  Do you treat your families and friends with contempt and sarcasm at every conversation?  Can you actually have a heart-to-heart discussion if the situation called for one?  Or is everything a joke to you?  Do you operate on defense mode all the time blocking yourself to be open to what’s really being said?  With behavior like that, how can you positively contribute to society? How can you appreciate all the great things life has to offer?  You can’t, because you’re focus is on being #1 and right all the time, or for some, trying to turn every serious statement into a joke.  If everyone remained in a fight in their minds 24/7, how lonely and lost would they become?  It is certain decay of the human spirit, and therein our world. Our human spirits are slowly being squelched to the point of death, making us individuals who are imprisoned in our society by society.

Have you ever expressed your heart in conversation only to be laughed at, put down and criticized?  What’s happening here? How can the other person interpret it as anything less than a meaningful heart expression?  What fresh hell has their upbringing been like, or lack of, that they cannot recognize and receive the opportunity to be changed for the better?  What are they afraid of?  What makes them think this way?  It could be anything from lack of education or mentor-ship, living in the confines of a smaller community, or, they may just be selfish.  I find the later two to be true in most cases.

So the question remains for some, “How do I even begin to get back to heart living?”  Well, just as we are all created differently, the answers will vary.  Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. First and foremost, you must make some quiet time for yourself.  You cannot learn anything about yourself with all the noise of the world around you; those are all distractions keeping you from your own growth.
  2. Limit yourself (or completely cut yourself off) from sources of negativity – negative people, movies, television, social media that have no positive influences.  You many even need to limit how much news you consume on a daily.
  3. Take a break daily even if it’s 10 minutes to relax, especially before you begin your work day.  Maybe enjoy a cup of coffee slowly while reading something inspirational.  Maybe it’s just looking out a window at the nature you are surrounded by.
  4. A good way to get in touch with your heart is to listen to someone’s story who has been less fortunate then you.  That’s a great way to appreciate and be grateful for where you’re at.  Certain television shows have a segment where the contestants tell “their stories” and can move you to tears, unless you are already a complete robot.
  5. Journal your true feelings.  You may actually discover a part of you that you never realized.
  6. Do volunteer work.
  7. Go out in nature and really observe it.  Walk, hike or just sit in the stillness and breath it all in with your eyes.  Yes, I said eyes.
  8. Be mindful of your actions and live in the moment.  Try not to stress out about what lies ahead.  Don’t spend your life living in or worried about the future, there’s nothing happening there yet.


Life is not a race.  It’s meant to enjoy, share, love and do well to/for others.  Live your life in the moment.  Don’t hop on the crazy train to tomorrow.  Getting back to that which we were created for is not just to be a nicer person to others, but for your own health because believe me, if you continue on the clueless path of sarcasm, ridicule, mind-fighting and pea-cocking your way through your existence, you will put yourself in a debilitating, mind-numbing, crippling state that will eventually paralyze your mind and spirit – an early death of the heart.

You have been given one life to enjoy and live. It’s your life.  Don’t hand it over to the time sucks, jokesters and negative people who don’t even know where they’re going.  They’ve got their own battles to contend with. Instead of asking someone if you could “pick their brain” when wanting some advice, how about “pick their heart”.  I think you’d be amazed at what you could learn.