You ARE There


Photo and Story by
Elizabeth Vierra Hall


With a new year approaching, many are reflecting on the their lives, what they’ve accomplished and what they’ve yet to achieve.  This thought process can lead to anxiety and feelings of failure.  We begin to take the negative trail to not being good enough or that we’re not “ready yet” or just “not there”.  Sometimes we tend to think that there has to be the perfect time to move forward,  but the thing is, that is not necessarily true.  Sure, things happen best in their right timing, but, instead of waiting, you can move forward with even the slightest step.  You really can.  Any step big or small is a move towards progress.  And even if that one step doesn’t quite turn out the way you wanted, or thought it would, it is indeed a step towards progress.  You see, if that one step didn’t turn out as planned, at least it pointed you in a different direction; possibly the better one.   So, it wasn’t time wasted after all.  In fact, if you look at it, it was a move towards showing you the path best/not so best for you; in that timing.

Changing our thought process is a daily practice, but instead of thinking that it’s just too much work or too difficult don’t look at it as an overwhelming feat.  Enjoy where you are, right now.  Enjoy the place where you are (even if it’s not exactly where you want to be at the time), enjoy the people you are with at the moment (don’t think forward – be in the “now” – you may not get this time back), and be grateful and loving towards the ones you are spending YOUR life’s moments with….right now.

You ARE “there”.  It’s all there in you, right now.  Open it up and be strong in it.  Stand on it – now.  Begin – now.  You can, in love (not hate),  move forward.  You don’t need to keep looking for correctiveness or approval.  TRUST YOURSELF.  Free yourself.  One step in “your time”.

May you have an enlightening and freeing Happy New Year! Cheers to personal growth.  You CAN do it!  🙂

All my Best,




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