Me Does Not = Wrong; Examine Yourself


Photo and Story by

Elizabeth Vierra Hall

Day to day we spend a certain amount of time analyzing others’ reactions towards us, taking it all in and trying to decide if maybe there is something we’ve done wrong and need to change about ourselves.  Some people worry about it more than others; some, not at all.  Some are never encouraged to be themselves and that it’s not always you that is wrong, but the other person’s denial of themselves and their inability to see the opportunity for growth.  Some are raised to feel that it is always “them” that is wrong because others know more than you ever possibly could.  Excuse me?  At what age do we stop the madness that is put on us by these “experts of life” and say,……

There is NOTHING wrong with me.  In fact, there is so much RIGHT  with me that it intimidates you.  It causes you to look at yourself and THAT makes you uncomfortable.  So uncomfortable that you can’t stand to be around the presence of it all. So, YOUR reaction to the person I am is a reflection of who YOU are, not something that I need to change in me.

Where you choose to go from there shows your level of maturity and whether or not you choose to grow or stay stuck.  Don’t put that on me.  Examine yourself.



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